8 Things To Do Before You Leave the House In The Morning


I have noticed over the past few weeks that my morning routine has been nothing short of chaos. Every morning I was rushing out the door tired, hungry, stressed and getting to work with what felt like a head full of fog. It took me a while, but I finally realised it was also having a massive impact on my day.

I decided to change up my routine a bit, try a few new things and see how I got on. So here are the 8 things that have made a massive difference to not only my morning but the rest of my day too.

1. Get up on time

What ever you do, DO NOT press snooze! I promise you it will be the biggest mistake you make before you’ve even got out of bed. There is literally nothing worse than starting off your day rushing around because you got up late, trust me I know – I have vast amounts of experience! The first thing I decided about my old morning routine is that I never gave myself enough time to get everything done, so I needed to get up at the right time.

I decided to go one step further and not only get up on time, but also get up a bit earlier so I could fit everything in. So far it has really helped and I leave the house feeling a lot less rushed and stressed.

If your not a fan of mornings, I feel your pain. Instead of shocking my body into some crazy new time, I adjusted my alarm in stages, just 10-15 minutes earlier each time. Now I normally wake up a few minutes before my alarm, which is so much nicer than waking up to that stupid annoying noise!

2. Get moving

Ok so I am not saying you need go run a marathon at 6 in the morning, but just getting up and moving can really kick start your day. It can be anything from a HIIT workout to just some gentle stretches to help wake up your body.

As I have been dog sitting for my mum recently, I have got into the habit of walking little Mollie-Moo first thing in the morning and I absolutely love it. I love wandering through the woods and getting some fresh air first thing in the morning. I thought it would be a chore and just something else to add to my daily to do list, but I have actually found it really therapeutic. Plus who doesn’t love ticking exercise off their to do list first thing in the morning.

3. Have breakfast and a glass of water

Ok so I’m about to sound like the biggest granny ever but breakfast can really make or break your day. Especially if your someone like me who gets hangry by 8 in the morning. It can be as simple as a slice of toast, a piece of fruit or a full blown avocado and poached eggs on toast, just have something. This also helps wake your body up and also gets your metabolism going too. Don’t forget to take all those #breakfastgoals instagram pics too!

Drinking water is also so important – drink it in the morning, drink it in the evening, drink it before meals just drink ALL the water. I try to drink a big glass of cold water when I first get up in the morning. It wakes your organs up and lets your body know it needs to get going. Plus it can do wonders for your skin!


4. Take a minute

I have never really thought about doing this before until I read all about it over Josie’s blog. I now try to take at least one minute each morning to just breathe and collect my thoughts. I feel like it really helps clear my head, which means I can then go on and plan my day and be much more productive.

5. Skincare Routine

This was usually the first thing that went out the window when I was running late. I used to throw on some moisturiser and leave it at that. Taking time to do your full skincare routine is the perfect opportunity to to have a mini 5 minute pamper session before you leave the house in the morning. It sets up your skin for the day and protects it against the environment.

6. Make the bed

Messy bed = messy day! Not only does making your bed instantly make your room look better it gives you a sense of organisation before you have even left the house.

7. Write it all down

I love taking 5 minutes to write down everything thats whizzing through my head first thing in the morning. I have a little note book and I write down all the things I need to do, any thoughts or inspiration, sometimes I come back from walking the dog and have some really good blog post ideas and I have to write them all down before I forget. I find this really compliments just taking a minute for yourself. It helps to clear your head and plan what you need to get done without having all the to do lists whizzing through your head all day long.

8. Put that lipstick on!

This is your chance to put that lipstick, lip balm or whatever takes your fancy and remind yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to and get yourself ready to take on the world!


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