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The Lush Winter Collection 2016

Last week I was kindly invited to the Lush launch of their winter collection in Cardiff. I have never been to one of their blogger events before, so I was absolutely over the moon when that email hit my inbox.…


Super Easy Money Saving Tips

So about a year ago I wrote a post similar to this and thought that now would be a good time to write an updated version. With Christmas fast approaching and the New Year resolutions round the corner, I have…


Dear Diary: Days Off Work

I am not going to lie, I absolutely hate booking days off work when I don’t have anything exciting planned; I feel like its a complete waste. I don’t normally mind what the plans are, as long as there is…


How To Be The Ultimate Adult

Ok so first things first let me just throw out the disclaimer – I am definitely not the ultimate adult. In fact my sister said the other day she doesn’t want to grow up because then she will have to…