Last Minute Winter Nights Indoors





When this time of year comes around I normally hate going out in the evening because it’s so dark, cold and wet. I sound like a right granny I know, but I would much prefer to be tucked up and all cozy indoors. I thought I would share with you a few things that are essential for a last minute week day winter night in. Ya know the things that you might have lying around the house that you can grab last minute for the perfect night in.

Something that’s essential for a perfect weeknight in is a mini pamper session. Everyone knows I am a skincare junkie and I’m obsessed with trying face products. Recently, I have been loving the Aurelia probiotic cell repair night oil! It is amazing. It’s perfect for calming and hydrating my dry rosacea prone skin. I love jumping out the shower and putting this on. My skin drinks it right up and I wake up with what looks like brand new skin.

I have also been loving gel nails lately. I find normal nail varnish chips so much quicker in the winter months and I certainly don’t have the time to be changing it constantly. My favourite is the OPI gel colours, they have a fantastic shade range and last so well! I love the shade big apple red; it’s a perfect colour for Christmas. I don’t think you can buy these unless you are trained nail technician or have a trade card, but you can find a list of salons that use them here if you want to treat yourself or you can now buy lots of other home gel nail kits.

Next up you need 10,000 blankets … ok well maybe 1 is just fine, but you get the idea. You also need something warm and yummy to drink. There is nothing better than coming in from a cold, wet evening to a warm brew. I love herbal teas or if I am feeling super naughty maybe a hot chocolate. At the moment, my favourite one is this green tea with strawberry and vanilla. I have only been able to find these in Sainsbury’s, but it’s definitely worth the trip. If you’re looking for a real treat night, I would also recommend something yummy to snack on. I picked up these praline truffles for Ryan when I was in Germany and they look absolutely divine. Although to be honest, even your favourite biscuits would do.

Finally, once your mini pamper session is complete and your waiting for your nails to dry, you need to find the coziest place in your house to snuggle up with your blankets, drink your tea and either read a good book, do some online shopping or watch your favourite thing on Netflix. Then you just stay there until it’s time for bed!



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  1. December 1, 2016 / 6:39 am

    That oil sounds amazing! I have Rosecea prone skin and would love to see a post on your tips or favorite skincare products for dealing with Rosecea since I don’t know any other blogger who talks about it. ♥

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