Cleaning Tips & Tricks – 20 Uses for Zoflora

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I have posted a few bits on Instagram recently all about spring cleaning. I absolutely love cleaning, I find it so therapeutic and I cannot wait to get stuck in this year. There is something about clearing out all the junk, freshening everything up and the house being all sparkly that is just so satisfying. I thought I would start sharing all my cleaning tips on the blog, because let’s be honest whether you like it or not we all have to clean something at some point.

I thought I would start with one of my favourite cleaning products – Zoflora.

If you haven’t heard of Zoflora before where have you been? Only joking, I only found out about it a year or so ago and I have been obsessed ever since. It’s basically a concentrated disinfectant that you can use to clean so many things in your home and it smells amazing! I love having one product that can be used for so many things, it can even be used for pets (see below). Not only does it save you lots of money, but it stops the cupboard under the sink being overfilled with unnecessary cleaning products.

I’ve had a few different conversations recently all about the different things you can use Zoflora for and I thought I would put it all together in a blog post just to show how versatile it is (and so you can see why I’m obsessed).

Zoflora uses:

1. General anti-bacterial – I mix 1 capful of Zoflora with water in a spray bottle and use it like any other anti-bacterial. It’s great for kitchen and bathroom surfaces or just anything that can be wiped down.

Cleaning, Zoflora, lifestyle, home, disinfectant, tips and tricks, house, products, review, cleaning products, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, home fragrance,

2. Drains – I use mine to freshen up all the drains in the house. I put a capful neat down any drains to help freshen them up.

3. Sinks – I put 2 capfuls in the sink, fill it with water and leave for a few hours.

4. Steam mop – I have a Shark steam mop that I use to clean my floors and I normally mix half a capful into the tank and it leaves the house smelling clean and fresh whenever I do the floors. You could also mix it in a bucket with water too if you use a normal mop.

5. Toilets – Put a capful neat in the toilet to get rid of any germs and to leave it smelling fresh.

6. Washing clothes – You can mix Zoflora in with your normal washing detergent/fabric softener to disinfect clothes. It’s great if you have had a sickness bug in the house or if you have a uniform for work that can come into contact with bugs such as a nurse or midwife etc.

7. Bins / Recycling bins – It’s super easy to mix 1-2 capfuls (depending on the size of the bin) with some water to help disinfect bins or recycling boxes (especially the brown food bins).

8. Washing machine – I put 1 capful in the drawer and then run the empty washing machine on a hot wash.

9. Radiators – I wipe down the radiators with a cloth/kitchen towel with Zoflora on it to clean them and then when the radiators warm up it leaves the room smelling lovely.

10. Dishwasher – Similar to the washing machine, you can pour it neat into the tablet section and run the dishwasher empty on a hot wash.

Cleaning, Zoflora, lifestyle, home, disinfectant, tips and tricks, house, products, review, cleaning products, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, home fragrance,

A few other uses that I have heard about and would like to try:

11. Hoover – You can spray it on the hoover filter to get a lovely smell when hoovering and you can also use it to clean the hoover filters.

12. Car – You can wipe down the dashboard, radio panel and steering wheel in your car.

13. Door mats, rugs and carpets – It can be sprayed and left to dry on any of these to disinfect and freshen up.

14. Iron – a few drops in the water to help clean the iron and leave clothes smelling fresh.

15. Mattresses – Spraying on the mattress and leaving to dry to freshen and disinfect.

Other uses and things that can get germy:

16. Door handles

17. Remote controls

18. Light switches

19. Phones

20. Laundry bin

All of these can be wiped down with a cloth/kitchen towel with Zoflora on it.

Cleaning, Zoflora, lifestyle, home, disinfectant, tips and tricks, house, products, review, cleaning products, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, home fragrance,

I have been asked a few other questions so I thought I would leave the answers below too:

What are your favourite scents?

Some of my favourite scents are Linen Fresh, Country Garden and Lemon Zing. I would love to try Sweet pea, Hello Spring and Summer Breeze.

Can it be used with pets?

Zoflora have a special range just for people with pets that helps get rid of any odours and bacteria that might be associated with them. For example, it can help reduce chances of kennel cough in dogs and things that can cause sickness bugs and flu. It’s safe to use around them once dry and can be used on their cages, bedding, patios and any other washable surface. You can read more about it here.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy Zoflora in most supermarkets, BM Bargains, Home Bargains, Amazon and eBay too.

Do you use Zoflora? I’d love to know what you use it for, so please leave me a comment below.


19 responses to “Cleaning Tips & Tricks – 20 Uses for Zoflora”

  1. Heather says:

    I am obsessed with Zoflora! My favourite at the moment is definitely Springtime however I loved Winter Morning during Christmas time. Just picked up Very Berry and can’t wait to start using it! So glad I’ve found someone who loves Zoflora as well!

    Heather xo |

    • Laura says:

      Oooh these sounds fab! I have just seen the Very Berry, I think I need to pick some of that up. I am obsessed! x

  2. bethan shuff says:

    sounds like a very handy product! I have a dog so would be good to clean some of her things!

  3. Jess says:

    Great post, especially for this time of year. I never thought to change up my cleaning products x

  4. Alicia says:

    I love the sound of the pet version, I see these all the time but I didn’t realise how many things you can use it for! Will deffo pick some up next time!
    lots of love!
    Alicia Xo

    • Laura says:

      I didn’t know about the pet version until recently, but it looks fab! I love how many things you can use it for, it’s great. x

  5. Rosie says:

    First world problems but I so wish I could afford a cleaner ??? I work 54 hour’s a week and my boyfriend does too so a cleaner to do all the crazy stuff that takes ages would be amaaaazing!

    • Laura says:

      I would love a cleaner too! Working full time and trying to stay on top of everything can be such hard work! x

  6. B says:

    I’ve never heard of Zoflora but I definitely need to get some!! I’ve just done a massive clear out and tidy of my house but now I need to get it super clean so I’ll have to give this a go. I’m impressed it has so many uses!! x

  7. Lady Writes says:

    I had no idea you could use it for so many different things!!

  8. rebecaa says:

    We use zoflora for our steam mop, but had no idea it had so many other uses!!

  9. Katie says:

    I’ve never heard of this brand or product before but it sounds SO handy, I might look into the pet versions of it and see what benefits it has for cats!

    Katie x

  10. Awesome. I was just thinking I need to get my spring cleaning done! You read my mind! Great tips.

    • Laura says:

      So glad this was helpful! I am planning a big house clean just after Christmas and I can’t wait to stock up! x

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