Finley’s 9 Month Baby Update

How are we at 9 months already (ok, maybe even closer to 10)? It seems like only yesterday I was posting his 3 month update! I feel like so much has changed since then and each day brings something new that he is learning or doing. This morning, it was terrorising the internet router while I tried to make breakfast. So, if you don’t see me online for a little while you will know he has taken out the internet completely!

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Size and weight 

Finley is now in 9-12 month clothes and has been since before Christmas. He hasn’t been weighed recently, but I can tell you he is heavy! 


This has been a huge thing for us over the past few months and this is all thanks to Lauren from Little Sleep Stars. She kindly gifted us with a bespoke sleep training package and I have written all about that here. However, I can not recommend her enough. He now sleeps from 7-7 in his own room and he naps twice during the day as well. This is something we really struggled with and sleep training has been life changing for us. Lauren’s approach did not involve controlled crying and it has been one of the best things we have done as a family. 

Eating & Feeding

Nine months down the line and we are still enjoying our breastfeeding journey. I wrote all about my experience trying to establish breastfeeding here if you want to catch up with that. I’ve had quite a lot of questions about how often he feeds, when I am stopping and so on, and I just feel like these are questions that I can’t really answer. Most days he feeds 4 times, other days he feeds more and if I’m honest I don’t really count. I don’t plan on stopping before he turns one and then who knows, we will see where the journey takes us.

The weaning journey has been so fun and I’ve loved this too. He has such an appetite and will eat anything – he is definitely my child. It’s been so lovely to see him thoroughly enjoying his food and he seems to be eating us out of house and home already. 

9 month baby update, first time mum, mum life, Finley,


Like I said, each day brings something new and he is learning so many different things. He has started crawling and his favourite thing to do is pull himself up on us constantly, which has been so fun to watch. He now prefers to be standing rather than sitting, so who knows how long it will be before I am chasing him around the house. He has also started waving which is adorable. He even waves on face time now, which has been lovely; especially for the family he doesn’t see very often. He loves bouncing in his jumperoo, on his ride on dinosaur or on our laps and basically does not still still for more than two seconds. His favourite place to be is in the bath and all I can say is I’m glad our whole bathroom is tiled, because splashing is his speciality. Finley has really come into himself in the past few months and his cheeky personality is just the best. He is the happiest little boy and always enjoys being out and about and just generally being nosey. I can’t wait for the next few months and to see what new adventures it brings.


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