Benugo Café at John Lewis Cardiff

Now we all love a little bit of shopping, but I am sure you will all agree that sometimes it can all be a bit tiring. By the time you have got around half the shops you feel like collapsing with a nice cup of tea and taking a little break. Not to mention if you are anything like me, you will be hangry by the time you have made it from the car park to the shops, let alone around them. This is where Benugo comes in! Benugo is a lovely little café on the first floor in Cardiff’s John Lewis store. It was founded by two brothers Ben and Hugo and their New York deli inspired cafes can be found all across the country; especially in London’s hotspots. This particular café is a quiet little retreat, away from all the shops and chaos in Cardiff’s city centre; yet easily reachable just inside the department store. They have lovely light and airy seating area where you can sit back and relax from all the hustle and bustle. Last week I was lucky enough to try out their new menu, which was absolutely delicious! There is a great mix of … Continue reading Benugo Café at John Lewis Cardiff