Dear Diary: Gratitude Log – November




So again I wanted to try something new on the blog today. I have been really interested in reading all about wellness and mindfulness over the past few months and I find it all so fascinating. I love trying out all the ideas I come across. Some may see it as a bit strange or weird and don’t get me wrong I can be quite skeptical, however I can’t think of anything better than to try to maintain and improve our happiness and contentment in everyday life. There is nothing wrong with trying to reduce stress levels, in fact I think we would be mad not to want to improve our happiness levels.

With that in mind I wanted to start sharing some positivity and all things happy on the blog. So today I thought I would start with my gratitude diary. So here are the things I am most grateful for at the moment:

My Family

I am very lucky and grateful to have an amazing family, who love me unconditionally!

My Boyfriend

Well after nearly 5 years of being together, I am still so grateful every day to have him in my life. He knows me – the good, the bad, the quirkiness and still loves me unconditionally. Plus, he always puts a smile on my face!

My Career

I am definitely blessed to have a good job. I have been there over 3 years now and I get given new opportunities and the chance to progress continuously. It pays for my lifestyle, teaches me new things and gives me a challenge.

My Friends

As I have got older I have learnt to appreciate the great friends I have in my life. They are always there to listen to me when I need to moan or rant, give me cake and tell me everything is going to be ok.

My Beep Beep

Ha! Well everyone who knows me, knows that for the first 10 years of driving I was constantly moaning about the crappy car that I didn’t like, that always broke down and always almost bankrupted me. I am now in a very fortunate position to have a car that I love. I have had it just over a year and I still love getting in my little beep beep every day.

My Education

My dad always used to make fun of me when I was younger because I always had my head in a book and I genuinely enjoyed studying and learning.


I have been lucky to have a great education throughout my life and to still enjoy learning. I graduated with my degree 3 years ago and I am now lucky enough to be studying for a Masters – You can read all about that here.

These things might seem a little generic, but I had to cover the essentials! I have really enjoyed thinking about all the different things I am grateful for and I definitely want to make it a regular thing that I share on the blog.


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