Dear Diary: Fixing That Smonday Feeling



The moment when Sunday stops feeling like a Sunday and the anxiety of Monday starts to kick in … oh and wishing I was back here again

Ok so does anyone else get that feeling? You know the one – the dreaded feeling on a Sunday evening that your weekend and freedom is over and you have to get up early and go back to work the next morning. I get it all the time, once a week to be precise!

Now what I don’t understand is why, because I don’t actually mind Mondays – It’s Tuesdays I cant stand, but thats a whole different conversation for a different day. I also don’t actually mind going to work. So I really don’t get it, why on earth on a Sunday evening do I hate getting my stuff ready for Monday.

By about 5pm I start to think about everything that needs to be done that week and after I am completely overwhelmed with to do lists, I finally get into bed and can’t sleep! It must literally be the worst night of the week not to sleep properly. I can’t stand starting a new week feeling tired and drained.

After feeling so fed up one Sunday that the new week was approaching, I tried to find ways to try and cure my case of the Smondays. So far I have found 3 things that have really helped.

  1. On Friday afternoon before I leave work, I try to do a mini plan of the upcoming week and also write a to do list for Monday. That way on Sunday I don’t even have to contemplate what needs doing at work because I know on Monday morning I can pull up my to do list and get working straight away.
  2. On Sunday mornings I try not to sleep in. I like to wake up maybe half hour after my normal weekly alarm. That way its not so much of a shock on Monday morning, plus my sleep pattern stays fairly the same through out the week. It also means I get quite tired at a reasonable time on Sunday night.
  3. On Sunday evenings I now like to have a bath and mini pamper session, so that I am nice and relaxed. Then about an hour before bed I like to put my phone to one side, make a cup of night time tea (I’ve been loving this one lately) and read a book or magazine. I find that my mind isn’t overstimulated from the blue lights on my tv, laptop or phone and its much easier to fall asleep.

These are really simple things that have helped make my Sunday evenings a lot more relaxed. I have also found I start my new sparkly week off in a much better mood too!


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