Designer Inspired Pieces For High Street Budgets

Designer Inspired Pieces

A few weeks ago I spent a few days working on content for my blog and YouTube channel. I spent ages trying to decide what I wanted to write about, new things I wanted to try and what things I am really interested in that I want to share with you all. When I was around 18 I was a huge shopaholic. My wardrobe was full of outfits, shoes and accessories for any event or occasion and I loved it. I loved shopping for new trends, looking for new styles and just shopping in general. As I’ve got older and had to adult a little bit more it seems to have gone out of the window a bit. So, I’ve decided I want to build my love for fashion and styling back up again. With that in mind I’ve decided I would like to share a lot more fashion content on my little corner of the internet.

Today I thought I would start with something that really interests me and that’s finding designer inspired pieces for high street budgets. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing quite like treating yourself to a high end or designer purchase. However, there is also a massive thrill that comes from finding something in almost exactly the same style for a fraction of the price. I truly believe your personal style is not determined by the brand you are wearing, but more about how something is worn, what is paired with or what accessories you choose to complement it. So today I thought I would share some amazing pieces that I think have been inspired by iconic designer items, but come with a much more purse friendly price tag.

Gucci £405 vs ASOS £14

Everyone loves a good Gucci belt and this bug one from ASOS is an absolute steal. A good belt can instantly enhance so many outfits and I love how this one is a little more subtle than the Gucci one.

Valentino £660 vs Dune £85

I have lusted after the Valentino rockstuds for many years and I cannot wait to add them to my wardrobe, but in the meantime Dune have fantastic dupes for both the flat and heeled versions.

Gucci £540 vs Topshop £65

Who isn’t obsessed with the Gucci loafers at the moment, they are such a classic look and can be paired with so many things. There have been some fantastic dupes on the high street this season and Topshop have definitely nailed it with these ones.

Club Monaco £215 vs Peacocks £11.20

So Club Monaco may not be your typical designer, however they are still a higher end brand. I have seen so many people especially bloggers/youtubers wearing this gorgeous pink ruffled jumper that when I saw this one in Peacocks I couldn’t wait to share it with you. I have also seen a very similar one in H&M, but I couldn’t find it on their website.

Gucci £795 vs Mango £29.95

Is anyone else’s Instagram feed filled up Gucci Marmonts? Again, another item I will be looking to add to my collection. However, with high street options like this one from Mango, I can definitely give it a test run first to make sure that not only does it fit in with my wardrobe and style, but will I actually use it on a regular basis?

Buying at high street prices not only allows you to save a few pennies, but also allows you to see how much you really love an item and how much you wear or use it before investing in something more expensive. Let me know in the comments if you like this type of post and what your favorite designer inspired pieces are.

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7 responses to “Designer Inspired Pieces For High Street Budgets”

  1. Jen says:

    I adore the bug belt! Love the pieces you found!

  2. Georgie says:

    This is such a good idea for a post! You have found so many fab ideas! The belt is SUPER cute!

    Love this – Georgie – As You Wish UK

  3. Fab post Laura, and you’ve found some great dupes! I was drawn to the belt instantly; and that pink jumper ? I’m not in a position to drop a hundreds on a belt or some shoes so love finding pieces like these on the highstreet.

    Kara – Spread The Sparkle


    • Laura says:

      Thank you lovely! Everyone seems to be loving the belt and I am getting more and more obsessed with it. I think I may need to make a cheeky little order. I agree with you, finding pieces like that for high street prices means you don’t need to spend hundreds! x

  4. I have been looking for a dupe for the Valentinos forever!! I’ve never even seen the Gucci belt before today, but now I have to have it. Thank you so much for this. Great post.

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