How To Be The Ultimate Adult


Ok so first things first let me just throw out the disclaimer – I am definitely not the ultimate adult. In fact my sister said the other day she doesn’t want to grow up because then she will have to adult. I was like don’t be silly just pretend to adult like I do.

In all seriousness I haven’t mastered any of these things. When I was 18 I decide to move out so I could do the whole ‘independent’ thing. Then I was like oh crap I actually have to attempt this adult malarky now. That being said, nearly 9 years later I would like to think that I have a bit of a better idea of whats going on and I absolutely love my independence!

So here are my 5 things that you do when you are the ultimate adult … or in my case pretend to adult.

1. Budgeting

There you go I said it … the most boring word in the English language. Nothing sounds more horrific and restrictive than the word budget, but let me tell you it will be your best friend one day. I moved out of my parents home 9 years ago and I still hate paying bills … like why I gotta pay you to take my water away from the house??? Yes you actually pay the water company for that. That being said having a budget not only lets you have the possibility of buying that YSL lipstick at the end of the month, but also peace of mind that your bills have be paid and are squared away.

2. Getting those 10,000 steps in

You get to an age where dragging yourself off the sofa actually makes you feel like you have completely owned your day. I will admit I am one of those fitness band owners and I am obsessed with knowing how many steps I have done and whether I have met my 10,000 a day goal – Which let me tell you is bloody hard when you work in an office. That being said when I manage to fit some exercise in even if its just walking the dog, I feel so much better. You feel like you have your sassy pants on and can take on the world!

3. Eating healthy

Again something that as you get older becomes more appealing, even if it is only for those #foodgoals instagram pics. For me eating healthier is a bit like exercising I fend up feel so much better and have loads more energy. Plus I feel so accomplished … I can totally cook healthy food and nail that lean in 15 lifestyle. Don’t even get me started on meal prepping. That habit can even boost that budget. Roll on that YSL lipstick and a new handbag!

4. Having the right friends

Over the past few months I have really come to realise how much my life has changed from when I was say 17. I’ve realised its important to have a handful of close friends rather that loads of what I call wishy-washy friends. The close friends I have now are the ones that will be with me for life. They know me really well, they know when I’d rather sit in my pjs rather than go out for drinks and they support me in everything I do. Don’t waste your time on people who can’t wait to hear that your having a pants day, you want friends that bust out the cake and help turn your day around.

5. Confidence

This is one is the secret to being the ultimate adult! There will be great days where you will nail that work assignment and own that yoga session and then there will be rubbish days where you want to watch Netflix in your pjs and eat Nutella with a spoon. Being an grown up isn’t always easy but just remember you can achieve absolutely anything you put your mind to!


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