My Seven Lifestyle Goals For A Better 2017

Lifestyle Goals

Lifestyle Goals

Lifestyle Goals

Lifestyle Goals

January was full of goals and resolutions and as per normal I’m a little late to the party. January came around and I wasn’t quite ready to think about what I wanted to do this year and it’s taken me until now to really decide. So today instead of boring you all with the practical things I want to do, I thought I would share the little lifestyle goals that I think will make a big difference over the next year.

 Do something new every month

This doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but I would like to try some new things. Whether it’s going to explore somewhere I’ve not been before, styling my clothes a little bit differently, trying out a new fitness class (I have a list) or just testing out a new recipe.

Be more organised

I have so much to fit into the next year that I need to stay motivated and organised to get it all in. I have a post on how I stayed productive in January, I now just need to see if I can stretch that out for the whole year. Working full time, studying for a masters part time, running a blog and YouTube channel and having a life is never going to be easy, but being organised will definitely make it that little bit easier.

Cook/bake more

I love cooking and baking and I really want to get into a habit of doing it again. I was kindly given the Lean in 15 books for Christmas as well as Tanya Bakes and I’m so excited to try all the recipes. The ones I have made so far have been so good and they are ridiculously easy!

Read more

Like cooking, I absolutely love reading and once I find a good book I can’t put it down. When I go on holiday I can read 3 books in 10 days, but when I get home I get so caught up with everything else going on that I never carry on and I forget how much I miss it. I already have a few books on my to read list, so I definitely need to make a dent in those.

Drink more water

Drink all the water – simple… On a more serious note, I definitely want to stay more hydrated this year purely for all the benefits it gives your body and skin. My rosacea is always a lot calmer, I have more energy and just generally feel a lot better.

Be more mindful

I have seen such great content focused on mindfulness last year and this and I really want to apply it more in my life. It’s something I am really interested to learn more about and hopefully see the benefits of. I mean who wouldn’t want a calmer and less stressful life?

Get outdoors

I love being outdoors, whether its walking through the countryside or at the beach, I just love the fresh air. I wrote a post a little while ago about getting myself outdoors and the benefits of going for a little walk. There is just something about being outside that helps me clear my head, re-focus all my thoughts and sort of pull myself together. Taking in all the fresh air and getting some gentle exercise also gives me so much more energy and motivation too.

So those are the few simple things that I want to do more of this year. I think sometimes changing small things can have a major impact and create some big differences in our lives. What things do you want to achieve or do this year?

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading this! I look forward to your future posts:D Maybe you might like some of the things I write about on my blog.. feel free to have a look!

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