My Mini Library & What’s on My Reading List

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Why is it that when we go on holiday we have all the time in the world to read? I normally get through at least 3 books in a week while I’m away and I realise how much I miss reading a good book when I’m at home. I always tell myself that when I get home I will keep up the routine and I will read every night before bed.

I will be honest… I never stick to it.

The next holiday comes around and I end up back the same position, loving the books I’m reading and wondering why I never stuck with it. This year I didn’t go on holiday  as I was moving house again (you can catch up with that here), so I didn’t really have anything to kick start my reading obsession again. Over the summer I decided to go and buy some new books, so I always had something in the house to choose from. It turns out that having my own mini library in my bedside table was enough to get me back into my reading habits.


Ok so Harlan Coben is one of my all time favourite authors. I don’t know what it is, but I have bloody loved every single book of his that I have read – all 17 of them! Whenever I see these on offer I always pick them up, as I know I will love it. This is one of his newer ones, that again was on offer in Tesco and I can’t wait to get started. His books are the ones that I can’t put down and I find myself reading faster and faster because I never know what’s coming next. My favourites so far have been Tell No One and The Woods.

Reading, library, crime, thriller, Harlan Coben, The Couple Next Door, Home, good books, The Missing,

The Couple Next Door

Ok so I am a little ahead of myself here and I have just finished reading this one, but it was too good not to share. It wasn’t even in my mini library, but I saw it on Hannah Gale’s vlog and knew I had to read it. So, when I saw it in Tesco the next day I snapped it up and started the same day.

It’s a crime thriller all about a baby that goes missing. It’s an easy read and some of the twists can be predicted, but the ending is good and I was hooked all the way along.

The Missing

This is one that I have seen floating about for a while. It always seems to have good reviews, so it was one of the first that I chose for my mini library. I have only just started this, so I’ve only reached chapter 6, but I get the feeling I am going to enjoy this one too.

I have loved creating a mini library at home and by mini, I mean it contains around 6 books to choose from. It means I don’t have to read a specific book and I can pick and choose whatever I fancy at the time. My favourite places to buy books are The Works as they normally have a lot of their books on a 3 for £5 offer, Amazon or the supermarkets like Tesco and Asda.

What books have you loved lately? Let me know in the comments what you think I should read next?



6 responses to “My Mini Library & What’s on My Reading List”

  1. Rachael says:

    Tell No One is one of my favourite books! I love Harlan Coben too – they’re easy to get your head into! The Missing just from the title sounds like it might be a book that’s up my street too!

  2. Claire says:

    The Couple Next Door has been on to ‘to read’ list for a while so I really must pick it up soon! Will have to check out the rest of your suggestions too <3

    G is for Gingers xx

    • Laura says:

      I would definitely pick it up, it’s really good! I haves started The Missing and that seems quite good so far too! x

  3. Ffion Davies says:

    I’ve read The Couple Next Door and I really recommend it, it’s a really great book. I’ve not read the missing but I’ve watched the TV show which was pretty great.
    Ffi | The Essence Of Red

    • Laura says:

      Yeh I absolutely loved it, I would love to read the other book the author wrote as well. I am still reading The Missing, but so far thats really good too!

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