Why We Should Travel the World & How to Do It as a Student

Travel, student travel, student discount, masters, travel tips, tips and tricks, lifestyle, planning, organisation, flights, deals

Travel, student travel, student discount, masters, travel tips, tips and tricks, lifestyle, planning, organisation, flights, deals

Travel, student travel, student discount, masters, travel tips, tips and tricks, lifestyle, planning, organisation, flights, deals

You might have seen my previous post (top tips for applying for a masters) that around a year ago I took the plunge and decided to go back to university. I have always loved learning and it was the challenge I needed. Of course there was a huge financial commitment involved and I had to weigh up if and how I was going to manage. I still work full time, but didn’t want to feel like I would be going backwards and sacrificing the things I loved in life; whether it was buying a new handbag, going out for dinner or going on holiday. After all this was about trying to improve, progress and move forward in life and with my career.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go on holiday while I was studying for my undergraduate degree and again I am able to go now while I am doing my masters. There is however one catch … well it’s not really a catch; it’s more about being smart when booking your trips and that’s what today’s post is all about. I want to talk about why we should travel and the best/cheapest way to do it as a student.

I have some amazing memories from travelling and I cannot recommend it enough. I have lived abroad and I have been lucky enough to go to and visit some lovely places too. So firstly, I thought I would share 5 reasons why I love travelling.

Eating new food

Eating abroad is one of my favourite things to do. I love the different types of food, flavours and just a change from the things I eat at home. So far, I think Greek food is probably my favourite.

Exploring somewhere new

As much as I like hunting down new places to eat, I also love exploring; looking at the beautiful buildings and architecture, picturesque landscapes and breath-taking views. There is so much learn and culture to take in and I always want to see and do everything.

Having a break from my routine

It’s so easy to get stuck in our routines at home and going abroad just shakes everything up a little bit. It gives us a chance to reassess everything, appreciate the little things in life and go home feeling fresh and ready to take on the world.

Being inspired

I don’t know about you but breaking the routine and exploring new things helps me feel so much more creative and inspired. I come away feeling so much more positive and full of ideas and plans.

Learning new skills

Travelling is one of those things that pushes us out of our comfort zone a little bit and that’s a good thing. We learn not only how to organise and book everything, but also how to navigate around new places, use different currencies and sometimes learn to appreciate a new way of life.

So now we have an idea of why travelling is so important and how we can benefit from it, now we need to cover the best way to travel as a student without needing to take out a bank loan to do it. I’m not going to lie, I am all about sticking to a budget and getting a major bargain. At the same time I also want to get the most for my money and be able to do everything I want and I think it’s possible to have both. In my opinion, it all comes down to 2 things and it’s really that simple.

Student travel tip 1 – Plan ahead

Booking your trip in advance can save you so much money! Plus, it gives you a little more time to save a few extra pennies to take with you. Planning ahead also lets you look at different times to travel and choose when it’s cheapest.  Start early and spend time looking for flight specials and offers to maximise the money you have to spend.

Student travel tip 2 – Shop around

Let’s be honest as students we hold onto our student cards dearly, so we can get that 20% off a new pair of jeans or shoes when pay day comes, but do we think to look for student discount on flights? I know I do (in fact I look everywhere for student discount). Online travel companies such as Travelstart offer student flights and holiday packages to various locations at a discounted price. From flights with well-known airlines to hotels and car hire, there is something for every budget. When I went to Cyprus a few years ago I managed to get a holiday for 2 people for the price that some travel agents were charging for 1 person; just by taking the time to look around for the best deals and discounts. I managed to save myself over £500 before I had even left the country.

Whether you’re looking to jet off to Australia, spend a long weekend in Barcelona or just heading home and need cheap flights to London, shopping around and planning ahead is the way forward. Just putting in that little bit of time and effort earlier on means you could have a trip of a lifetime at a fraction of the price.

Thank you to Travelstart for kindly sponsoring this post!


6 responses to “Why We Should Travel the World & How to Do It as a Student”

  1. Karen Farber says:

    Love this post so much! I so believe in traveling and find it to be a great source of real-world education.


  2. Leanne says:

    Great post! My favourite thing about travelling is trying all the different foods!

    • Laura says:

      Me too! I absolutely love finding new places to eat and eating all the things we don’t normally get at home!

  3. jane says:

    Great post – travel is so important I feel xx

    • Laura says:

      Thank you! I completely agree with you, I feel like you can learn so much and create fantastic memories from travelling. x

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