Sunday Skincare: Estee Lauder Favourites





I recently popped into my local Cosmetics Company store and stocked up on some Estee Lauder goodies. If you haven’t been into one of their shops before, they stock lots of high end brand items for a fraction of their normal retail price. My local one stocks brands such as Origins, Clinique, Mac, Bobby Brown and loads more. If you haven’t tried them I would definitely recommend having a nose as they always have some good bargains. Once you have read this post I think you will see why.

I decided to stock up on some of my Estee Lauder favourites; which of course included the infamous Double Wear foundation. This is the ‘on the go’ version which comes in a compact case. As the name would suggest its great for travelling or just throwing in your handbag. I also find I use a lot less with this one; so it lasts a little longer. I don’t use mine every day as it has really high coverage and I save it for special occasions or when I know I am going to be out and about all day and want my makeup to stay in place. I think it normally retails for around £33, but it was only £16.50 at the Cosmetics Company. Better still I got mine for free, as I spent £50 on other products! Last time I checked there are not many shops that give away free double wear. Instant customer for life right here.

I also picked up the double wear concealer, I hadn’t tried it before, but knowing how good the foundation is I thought it was definitely a try and so far I am loving it. I have never bought a high end concealer before, so this was like a little treat. Normally its £22.50, but I only paid £15.

Finally I chose some skin care items. My justification being that I needed to create a good base for my new make up.

That little gem is always a winner.

My mum had recommended the Resilience Lift Cream and after testing hers out, I definitely wanted my own. There was only so many times I could sneak into her stash to try it. I will admit this does come with quite a hefty price tag of around £80 for 75ml. On the plus side, you only need the tiniest amount, as it goes such a long way; I expect mine will last me ages. Its definitely a luxury item too, I wake up in the morning with my skin feeling clear, plump and hydrated, like I’ve been to the spa. In store this was labelled as £60, but the store assistant told me there was a promotional offer which meant it was only £30! In the basket it went!

Finally I picked up something else I had not tried before and that was the Clear Difference Advanced Blemish Serum. This is good for evening out skin tone and redness. Another bargain thats normally £61, but I only paid £17!

As you can imagine I was extremely proud of myself for finding such bargains! I wouldn’t have normally picked up so many high end items in one go because I don’t like to ya know bankrupt myself, but with their prices being just higher than some high street brands I couldn’t let them go. Definitely check out The Cosmetics Company if your looking for some high end items for purse friendly prices.


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