A few weeks ago I went on a training course across two weekends. It’s something that I have been so excited to do as it’s for my exciting little project, but I’m not going to lie at the same time I was absolutely dreading it! Mainly because it was the first real time I had left Finely and he is now 7 months old. Now this isn’t because I can’t bear to be apart from him (although I did miss him loads), it’s because he won’t take a bottle anymore. You might have seen my breastfeeding experience a few months ago, where I explained that when I was readmitted to hospital, Finley had to have formula and thankfully at that time he swapped to a bottle with no problem at all. When I finally managed to go home with no medication, we went back to breastfeeding. Then low and behold three months down the line and he was like no thanks you can keep your bottle and has not taken once since. It’s something I really struggled with as I felt a little bit stuck. Breastfeeding has been amazing, but I felt like it limited me a little bit in that sense. I will admit, looking back this isn’t 100% accurate as I think my mindset had a lot to do with it and since then I haven’t felt this way. Plus, after speaking to a lot of other mums recently I have found out that this is actually really common! Something I never realised. Needless to say I have just carried on as normal, but when the opportunity to go on this course came up, I had to jump at it.  

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I booked the course months ago with the idea that I would deal with it at the time. Then 3 months came around very quickly and I still had no luck with a bottle (he even spits it out when it comes from his cup he uses every day – the cheeky monkey) so, I was really unsure how it was all going to pan out. 

I have now finished the course and I don’t know why I had any worries at all! It was one of the best things I have done in a long time for so many reasons! Finley spent days out with Nanny and Grandad and auntie Ellie and was as good as gold! In fact I don’t even think he was bothered by me going. We worked around the odd feed at break times and he ate loads (even stealing auntie Ellie’s broccoli) although again, no surprises there, he is my child after all. 

So amongst all this waffle of breastfeeding, bottles, cups, and not leaving my baby there is an actual point I am trying to get to here and it’s that I managed to do something for me. If you saw my post a few weeks ago about not being ok you will know that this has been huge. These few days of doing something a little bit different and having a little break has been so refreshing! It’s given me a little bit of focus and reminded me that I can go and do things and Finley will be absolutely fine. He has been so flexible and has just gone along with a different routine for a few days with no fuss at all! 

Not only has this course given me a new qualification, but it’s given me a chance to refocus a little bit. It’s given me the confidence to know that I can have a break and do something for me and it’s also encouraged me to go full force with my little project because I know that it will be good for all of us as a family! 

So if you are a mum who is struggling with breastfeeding (it can be intense sometimes being the only feeder), or if you are a mum looking for a break, a change of scenery or just a little bit of focus then I cannot encourage you enough to just do it! Be brave, ask for help and take whatever you can get; whether it’s an hour to go for a solo supermarket trip or a day out, just give it a go. Babies are much more flexible than we give them credit for and just remember there is a way around everything – you just have to get a little bit creative sometimes!