The Perfect Date Night at The Meating Place – Cardiff

I don’t know about you, but date night never seems to come around often enough for us. It’s rare that we can match up our schedules between one of us working shifts, one working the 9-5, university and just the general never ending list of things to do. It’s not often that we get the opportunity to spend quality time together, so when we scheduled our date night last week I was determined to make the most of it. I put something on twitter asking for recommendations for the perfect place to go and then I suddenly realised there was somewhere I have wanted to try for a long time –The Meating Place. After rushing around all day Friday and things going a little pear shaped we headed into Cardiff to get a few things done. We got caught in the rain running from place to place, so we turned up for our meal a little soggy, but excited to try somewhere new. As soon as we walked in I instantly felt relaxed and couldn’t wait to eat. Their menu has quite a selection to choose from including their signature steaks, a selection of meat skewers, duck breast, salmon, lamb … Continue reading The Perfect Date Night at The Meating Place – Cardiff