Dear Diary: Stuck in a Wardrobe Rut



Ok so today’s post is going to be a bit of a random one. I have lots of blog post ideas that I want to share with you all, but nothing really jumped out at me today. Instead I thought I would write about something that’s been on my mind lately … The fact that I am really bored with my wardrobe … first world problem I know!

You may have seen a few weeks ago that I did a post on how to detox your wardrobe in 4 easy steps. I think it has to be one of my favourite posts yet and I had lots of good feedback from it. The week that post went live, not only did I detox my own wardrobe but I also swapped out my summer bits for some warmer things… Ok that sounds a bit extravagant, really I just chucked some shorts, bikinis and strappy blouses in the suitcase and realised I have no Autumn/winter pieces.

Over the past 6 months or so I have really tried to cut back on impulse buying when I am out shopping. I no longer buy it because it’s on sale or I think it looks great at the time. Mainly because I am trying to save money and I am fed up of always clearing the wardrobe out and having no key pieces left. I also find that when I impulse buy, I don’t buy in outfits or even consider something I might have to go with it; which means I end up with a really disjointed wardrobe where nothing really matches.

More recently I have stopped myself buying clothes altogether until I work out what I want to achieve with my wardrobe. I’ve quickly realised that I would like to invest my money in more key pieces, wardrobe staples that I will wear again and again. Pieces that can still be styled with next years trends and the ones after that. Don’t get me wrong I will still have a good nose around Primark, but probably to pick up every day bits. High street stores are great for bargains pieces that fit with the season’s trends. They will definitely be my first stop for items to complement my staple pieces and make them more current.

I’ve also realised more recently that I always seem to wear the same few outfits and for someone who loves style and fashion, I could not think of anything more boring. Clearly I need work on having more variety in my wardrobe. With that in mind I definitely want to break out of my comfort zone a bit more and wear things a little bit different. I can sit on Instagram or Pinterest for hours, absolutely fascinated by people’s outfits and style; yet I never think to myself I would like to recreate my own version of that.

Does anyone else ever feel like they get in a wardrobe rut, or is it just me? I feel like I have waffled on about my random wardrobe thoughts, but it’s really helped me realise what I need to change. Also I feel that as I am getting older now, it’s totally acceptable to ‘invest’ in my wardrobe!


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