*AD – This post is a gifted collaboration with Moonpig*

This past year (well almost a year) has been full of firsts. From smiles, teeth, food, crawling and so many more and I have loved every one of them, however another first has crept up on me very quickly and that’s my first Mother’s Day. I cannot believe that I get to celebrate being a mummy to my little baby boy. Being a mum has come with some amazing experiences (as well as some bloody hard ones), but it has been by far the most rewarding adventure of my life. At the moment I have absolutely no idea how we will spend the actual day, but I am hoping it will involve a big roast dinner and maybe some cake. As long as I get to spend it with Finley I will be happy – even if he can’t help me peel the potatoes just yet. 

Mothers day card from moonpig

Not only will I be spending the day with Finley, but I will be celebrating with my mum and sisters too. My mum has given so much to be such an amazing mum to myself and my sisters and since having Finley our relationship has has grown even stronger. I have a new appreciation for her that I never knew existed until I became a mum myself. Being a mum is hard job, yet she has done it perfectly for the past 30 years! She has been a fantastic example and I am still learning from her now. 

Mothers day card from moonpig

Moonpig have kindly given me the opportunity to spread the love on Mother’s Day and treat my mum, so I will be sending her something special in the post. Not only can you send gorgeous personalised cards, but Moonpig now have a great selection of gifts, chocolates, flowers and plants to choose from too! I received this gorgeous heart orchid* through the post and it’s just one example of the lovely things you can send.

Mothers day plant from moonpig

This Mother’s Day is also a chance for me to congratulate some of my mum friends. Not only are they smashing motherhood every single day, but they have also supported and inspired me along the way. So this year, with the help of Moonpig, I’ve sent a little something to some of them to remind them of how amazing they are and to thank them for being part of my motherhood journey. It would not be the same without them.

Mothers day card from moonpig

Some people may think that Mother’s Day is the same as any other day and that we shouldn’t wait for a certain day to show our love and appreciation (which is completely true), but I think it’s lovely to have a day to celebrate motherhood. You may or may not celebrate Mother’s Day, but it can be an opportunity to appreciate those women in your life that have made an impact, inspired you, cared for you, laughed with you and loved you. I know I have those women in my life and I am grateful for each of them!

Who are you grateful for this mothers day? Let me know in the comments.