Sunday Skincare: Lush – Mask of Magnaminty

Has anyone ever had something from Lush that they haven’t fallen in love with? I am obsessed with every single product they sell. I am pretty sure everything I have bought before always does exactly what it says it will.

I went to Bath for the weekend a while ago and fell in love with their huge store – as well as every other store on their high street. I decided while I was there to treat myself to few new bits including the Mask of Magnaminty. As you might have guessed its a minty face mask and gentle exfoliator.

I bought their new self preserving formula that has a higher honey content to replace  some of the other synthetic preservatives; which I thought was a great idea. Plus honey is also a natural antiseptic which is a massive bonus. This would also be great for anyone who suffers from acne as a form of natural protection.

When I first put it on it was quite cool and tingly and I was instantly worried that it may not agree with my skin, but then I remembered the peppermint oil. Its designed to be stimulating and refreshing so that your skin looks and brighter. I also thought I would need quite a lot to get a generous layer, but a little went quite a long way.

I let the mask dry and then massaged it into the skin gently so that the evening primrose seeds and aduki beans exfoliated my skin. I then took the rest of the mask off with a warm muslin cloth. Just picture a spa at home set up lol.

The results were instant and lets face it who doesn’t love that. It left my skin feeling calmer, brighter and just generally a lot cleaner. It was one of those products that I instantly knew I would be repurchasing and will be staying in my skincare routine.


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